The mission of Victory Drive is to assist you in choosing your highest and see you living in your highest potential. We believe that you have everything you need to succeed in life: a body, a mind and a life of unthinkable possibilities. What you do with them and where you go is up to you. Every moment is a choice.

Each of us get to play our part. At Victory Drive, we stress the importance of YOU and YOUR decisions. Always do what YOU feel is right in your heart. We are here to empower you to listen to your inner voice, wisdom and Truth.

At Victory Drive, we devote our skills and expertise to support you in your endeavors. Think of us as your own personal success team. We will support you through Life Coaching, Fitness Training and Massage Therapy. The services we offer are tailored to your specific needs.

We use massage therapy modalities (like Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Cranio Sacral and Ashiatsu) to optimize the body to run more efficiently. We offer fitness training through the instruction of movement to correct harmful physical habits that may underly chronic pain and to bring the body into alignment. And we coach the mind through curiosity and strength building exercises.

These three aspects of your life are equally important and any one can be the predominant focus of our work together. It is our goal to unite these three systems: your current physical state, your physical movement patterns and the power of your thinking to fully become who you were born to be! We strive to enrich your understanding of where you are, what you want and support your choice of where you choose to go.

For some of us, our bodies are in so much pain that they distract us from our very own thoughts. Our massage therapists assist in restoring your physical body to it's optimal state, providing various body work to relieve chronic physical stress and strengthen any imbalances that exist.

Through the process of massage, you will become more aware of your body as you feel muscles relax or notice certain areas are tender. Pain is a form of communication. As you work with the body and understand it's nature, you will enhance your appreciation for what your body can do. Being aware of the body is a huge part of being aware of ourselves.

Most chronic pain we experience is caused one of two ways: the occurrence of an injury or chronic wear and tear on the body over a period of time. In either case, exercises and stretching can be effective in rehabilitating the muscle tissue. A personal trainer will work with you to create an exercise regimen customized to your needs. You will begin to deepen your understanding of your body by discovering its compensation patterns and where weaknesses are present. You will be guided in strengthening your body to feel better.

Emotional states have a huge impact on the perspective of our personal life experiences. If we are unhappy or stressed out this can cause physical pain in the form of headaches, neck, jaw, stomach, and/or even joint pain. Stressors and stimulants we experience in life tend to trickle across the thin barriers between mind and body. Knowing this, our life coaches are trained to address any concerns or obstacles that arise along the way to you achieving your goals and feeling better!

Massage is growing rapidly within the medical field. Historically, massage was a major part of medicinal treatments. The Mayo Clinic has reported the following research findings:

Massage Benefits include:

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