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Inspiring Travel - Is Living Your Dream Unconventional?

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Inspiring Travel - Is Living Your Dream Unconventional?

I find myself surrounded more and more by brothers and sisters who are doing things "unconventionally". Maybe the norm is slowly changing, maybe I'm stuck in an oasis of gypsies. Either way, I'm happy to have these people in my presence. I find that being surrounded by inspiring people is a great catalyst ...

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Girl Leaves Job to Search for Community Around the World

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Girl Leaves Job to Search for Community Around the World

We recently met Amy in Ypsilanti MI.

She recently gave up her job with the intent on traveling for 1 year. Everything seems to be lining up for her ever since this decision. She continues to meet people who are helping her to shape this journey. Upon collaboration with a friend she created a mission ...

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A couple in Cambodia Shares Fellow Travelers Stories - Inspiring Travel!

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A couple in Cambodia Shares Fellow Travelers Stories - Inspiring Travel!

Meet Jen and Stevo,
a 20-something couple from California who left the USA in 2011 to teach English in China. They love life abroad and have been traveling, working and living in Asia ever since. They currently live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

One of their current missions is to inspire others to travel. This is ...

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Rainbow Gathering- Exploring Self Sustainable Communty

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Rainbow Gathering- Exploring Self Sustainable Communty

I haven't updated in a while. Dennis and I have spent most of 3 weeks offline and away from our phones. We unexpectedly ended up at the Rainbow Gathering in the Manistee National forest in Michigan. Haven't heard of it? It's a bunch of hippies hanging out in the woods. Building kitchens ...

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