Abundance, Contribution And Spirituality

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Abundance, Contribution And Spirituality

We met Deva and Phalguni as they led the Krishna camp kitchen at the Michigan Regional Rainbow Gathering. We immediately saw their light and felt their compassion as they assisted people in finding a way to their own peace and happiness through music celebration and food offerings and knowledge sharing. We've since witnessed them feed thousands of mouths in Mesick, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor and Vanderbilt (all over Michigan). Their Kirtan song creates spiritual whirls of fire that spark and dance a tune of their own.

We stayed at the Ypsilanti Krishna House for a week as their guests. They taught us their philosophy, fed us prashad (blessed food) and shared their contribution efforts. I realized just how important it is to me to provide a service to all of my brothers and sisters and how amazing it feels.

Deva and Phalguni have established this Hare Krishna food charity (non profit), open to all that are hungry. But this is merely the first step of their plan. In the next two or three years they plan to shift the way they operate to a self sustainable food supply supported a loving conscious-minded community on farmland it. They will support all those in need and grow as they can to do more.

They work hard, devoted to Krishna, and through Krishna, devoted to you.

I am eager to watch this dream manifest and I'm inspired all the more to Give, Give, Live Abundantly.


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